Is your foundation solid?

It’s hard to build a house without a solid foundation.  It can be the nicest house in the world with the best appliances and amenities, but you will run into endless problems and setbacks if you don’t have a solid foundation.  This same logic applies when when it comes to your fitness endeavors.  Not learning […]


Don’t let your workout routine be all work and no play this summer.  Spice up your routine by finding your gym away from the gym. Not every workout needs to take place in a gym.  Just like with work, our bodies need breaks from the stresses and routine of training.  Active outdoor hobbies provide us […]

Gotta catch them all

Can you guess what my new favorite fitness app is?  No it’s not some new workout program on my phone, interval timer, or calorie counter….but a game.  I just downloaded the new Pokemon Go app.  I see this game as a great way to help get the usually inactive population moving and getting fitter. For […]

The fitness buddy system

A few weeks ago I talked about how we should be like Barney Stinson, the women chasing, suit wearing character from How I Met Your Mother.  We talked about how he wasn’t scared to accept all challenges that came his way, and how we should encompass that spirit when it comes to our training (click […]